Book Review: The Secret Keeper

Rating: 3/5 stars Jenny Burns has always had a fascination for all things Plain. She never bought into a tech-filled world like her family and always felt like she didn't belong. Until she met an Amish girl named Marnie from Hickory Hollow. Determined to live an Amish lifestyle, Jenny becomes a seeker in the Amish... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Everything, Everything

Rating: 4.5/5 stars The greatest risk is not taking one. Madeline has a rare disease that means she can never go outside. Outside will kill her. So she does school at home, reads books, and plays games with her mom. Inside a air-tight house. Until Oliver and his family moves in next door. This guy is... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart

Rating: 3.5/5 stars Claire finds herself at Oxford attending a week long Pride and Prejudice seminar in place of her little sister. Taking the chance to reinvent herself, she ends up hanging out with a man she compares to Mr. Darcy only to have her boyfriend show up at the worst moment. Also, she finds herself mixed... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Hamilton and Peggy

Rating: 3/5 stars "And Peggy...." That's how the youngest of the Schuyler sisters felt. An after thought. Angelica was the breaker of hearts and Eliza was the sweet and loyal one. Peggy on the other hand has her own story to tell. Peggy is witty and willing to assist in the fight for freedom in... Continue Reading →

When You Feel Like An Eponine

I feel like everyone has that moment in their life where they just aren't sure true love is real. (This happens to me more than I would like). I compare the feeling to how Eponine felt in Les Mis. Sadly, she didn't get the guy and she was killed in the revolution. Sometimes, I feel... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Wonder Woman Warbringer

Rating: 4/5 On her hidden island, Diana feels very misplaced. All her Amazon sister earned their place on the island, Diana was born there. Desperate to try to prove herself to her mother and herself, Diana attempts to end the line of Warbringers by entering into the world of man and bringing a young girl... Continue Reading →

My Top 8 Books of 2017

The year 2017 is wrapping up fast, and I don't know about you, but this year hasn't been too bad 🙂 Besides reading some amazing books this year, I was also able to do more traveling than I've ever done (New York, Portland, and Connecticut for instance). I was able to reconnect with old friends... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare & Co. Book Haul

So as you guys know, I visited Shakespeare and Co. in New York! And like the book worm that I am, I walked out of the store with some books. I have been on a poetry kick and also I am slowly collecting Shakespeare's works. Now, I already own a copy of Paradise Lost because... Continue Reading →

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