Melanie Dickerson Cover Reveal!

I just got my copy of "The Orphan's Wish" in the mail today! And what do I find when I hop on Facebook? A brand new cover for her next book waiting for me. I swear it's Christmas. Melanie's next book is going to be another fairy-tale retelling (surprise! Right?) And this time, it is... Continue Reading →


New Kid’s Book on the Market!

Rating: 5/5 stars As a writer, it is a constant dream of mine to write a book and have it published. And until that happens, I will continue reading lots of books and telling other people to read them. So today I am here to tell you that one of my very amazing friends has... Continue Reading →

My Top 8 Books of 2017

The year 2017 is wrapping up fast, and I don't know about you, but this year hasn't been too bad 🙂 Besides reading some amazing books this year, I was also able to do more traveling than I've ever done (New York, Portland, and Connecticut for instance). I was able to reconnect with old friends... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal: A Dangerous Engagement

After much waiting, we finally get to see the new cover for Melanie Dickerson's newest book in her Spies of London series. I think that in comparison to the other two covers in this series, this one is my favorite. I adore her blue dress and she looks the most realistic. (In The Viscount's Proposal... Continue Reading →

May TBR + Update

Hi guys! Ok, so first the update. The hard part of final exams is over! *victory dance* The rest of this week will be easy compared to today. So that means ... I'm back to reading on a regular basis, therefore will be posting more often. Yay! Time for all those summer reads and big... Continue Reading →

April Book Haul!

It's been a while since I bought a bunch of books all at once and in one month. Usually I buy one a month depending on when certain books get released. But this month I literally had no self-control! Such is my life. So I have been stoked for "Alex and Eliza" for at least... Continue Reading →

How-To: Read While in School

Sadly, summer doesn't last forever and school must start up again. If you're anything like me, you took advantage of the summer and read books to your heart's content. This summer I have managed to read 18 books. However with the pressure of homework and school projects, reading falls to the background. However, there is... Continue Reading →

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