Shakespeare & Co. Book Haul

So as you guys know, I visited Shakespeare and Co. in New York! And like the book worm that I am, I walked out of the store with some books. I have been on a poetry kick and also I am slowly collecting Shakespeare's works. Now, I already own a copy of Paradise Lost because... Continue Reading →


Book Nerd Problems! I made a video for a class project and it ties in nicely with my blog here đŸ™‚ Everyone can relate to the struggle of trying to read while also busy with life going on around us, this video is a funny take on reading while in school. Also a small promo for the... Continue Reading →

Queen Lucy the Valiant: Narnia Rant

(First of all, so sorry for not posting on here very often. I just haven't had the motivation to write, also; Netflix is a big distracter.) I've decided to continue on with my "Narnia Rant" series, and since I have finally finished reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" I can continue having all the details. As... Continue Reading →

Summer Book Recommendations 2017

It's officially summer! So bring on the pool parties, road trips, and hammocking in the shade (with a book of course). So, here are my summer recommendations to get you started. It's interesting that when I think of summer, I think contemporary books (or the like). Maybe because during the summer we like to read... Continue Reading →

Mid-Year Freak Out TAG!!

So it's about the middle of the year. So that means I'm checking my progress on my Goodreads challenge. And honestly I am very sad. I have only read 11 books so far. This summer turned out to be busier than I had anticipated so I only have time to read on weekends. So without... Continue Reading →

King Edmund The Just: Narnia Rant

I haven't finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia yet. (I just started Prince Caspian) But I would like to take some time to talk about Edmund as a character. I have seen him in the first three books and the Narnia films. I can pretty easily say that Edmund is my favorite character along with Lucy... Continue Reading →

May TBR + Update

Hi guys! Ok, so first the update. The hard part of final exams is over! *victory dance* The rest of this week will be easy compared to today. So that means ... I'm back to reading on a regular basis, therefore will be posting more often. Yay! Time for all those summer reads and big... Continue Reading →

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