When You Feel Like An Eponine

I feel like everyone has that moment in their life where they just aren't sure true love is real. (This happens to me more than I would like). I compare the feeling to how Eponine felt in Les Mis. Sadly, she didn't get the guy and she was killed in the revolution. Sometimes, I feel... Continue Reading →


Poem: “The Child Inside”

It's been a while since I've written anything for fun. This particular piece was inspired by a prompt: Vulnerable. Hope you like it. (Maybe one day I'll pull my poems into a book?? Hmm.   The Child Inside It’s what we build thick walls to hide; we wake up every day and put on our... Continue Reading →

Poem: “Transform”

So I recently submitted a poem I wrote for a contest at my University. While I didn't win a cash prize, I did get it published! Which is super exciting. I finally have a work of mine published from my more "adult" years. So  I thought I would share it with my followers! Transform Most... Continue Reading →

A Poem: Don’t Be Fooled

I haven't had much time for writing my own stuff lately. But I recently had a day to myself to write. And I recently got an idea for what I should write. So here is a poem that I wrote today. Don’t Be Fooled Don’t be fooled by appearances, Don’t be fooled like the spring... Continue Reading →

Frozen: A Poem

Not only do I read and review books, but I write some of my own stuff too. Mostly poetry since its shorter and easier than plotting a whole novel. So sometimes I will post a poem that I wrote that I particularly like. And with it being the Christmas season and all, I thought this... Continue Reading →

Lord I Believe: A Poem

This poem is inspired by Mark 9:24. I was reading chapter nine and when I came across this verse, I began to think: When we pray for things or are in need of a miracle, we say we have the faith to believe it will happen. But what if we just don't? I think God... Continue Reading →

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