Book Review: Wonder Woman Warbringer

Rating: 4/5 On her hidden island, Diana feels very misplaced. All her Amazon sister earned their place on the island, Diana was born there. Desperate to try to prove herself to her mother and herself, Diana attempts to end the line of Warbringers by entering into the world of man and bringing a young girl... Continue Reading →


Book Review: A Dangerous Engagement

Rating: 4.5/5 stars Felicity Mayson is constantly spurned by her suitors due to her lack of fortune. Due to her non-confrontational nature, she is forced to attend a party at her distant Aunt's house. There, she meets a man who professes to love her even though she has no fortune. Phillip McDowell works as a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: No Matter The Wreckage

Rating: 5/5 stars This is a poetry book about love and life. It's about working through some hard questions, figuring out why people are the way they are and celebrating the small things. And I cannot enthuse about this book enough. One of the reasons I picked up this book was because Lin-Manuel Miranda blurbed... Continue Reading →

Book Review: As Sure As The Dawn

After nearly eleven years fighting to the death in the Roman games, Atretes has won his freedom. Longing for his homeland and nursing his hate for Rome, he takes his son and a Christian widow with him to escape his enemies. But, God has plans for him that he can't escape, slowly replacing anger with... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Beautiful Pretender

“The Beautiful Pretender” is a medieval fairy-tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast and the Princess and the Pea and is the second book in the Thornbeck series. Rating: 5/5 Melanie Dickerson chooses to narrate the book through both of the main characters, Avelina and Reinhart. Every couple of chapters the perspective switches; and I... Continue Reading →

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