Book Review: Beastkeeper

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Rating: 5/5

Sarah and her family have been on the move a lot, always leaving before the weather got too cold. After her mother leaves, Sarah wishes for magic to make her live better; little does she know that magic is what her family has been running from this whole time.

I can only describe this book as a beauty and the beast retelling with a twist. This isn’t your typical fairy-tale where happy endings are guaranteed. More like, what happens if the curse isn’t broken? What do the descendants have to deal with? This story is built around forgiveness and family.

There are several things I liked about this book. One being the main character Sarah. She is going into the 8th grade…so she is actually pretty young. I like this because I don’t often see younger characters portrayed like this in a book. I think the author wrote her in a way that we could see her in between growing up and holding on to childish things.

Second, the language the author used to describe how things looked was really nice. Some authors go on and on for pages describing a tree, but in this book there is just enough to help us get a feel for the environment we are reading about.

Third, the curse itself the characters are having to deal with. It is a bit more complicated than just finding someone to love you and turn you back into a human. Nope, this is more like you will turn into a beast when you fall in love and if the other person leaves, they become a bird and oh, by the way no body wins! (ok, I’m not good at explaining this bit, read the book and it all makes more sense).

Not all stories have a happily ever after, and not all stories have to be romances. I mean, the girl is in 8th grade, how romantic can you get? Although as soon as she met Alan, I was like oh dear, sweety don’t even deny it.

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Like, suuurrre Sarah!

And the award for worst grandma ever goes to… Nanna!

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Because that is basically what she did to Sarah as soon as stuff goes wrong. So much for loving family? What I took out of this book was how important forgiveness is. When we don’t forgive those who have wronged us or who we think have wronged us, we set our own kind of curse. And it usually affects us, the one holding the grudge. That anger festers and we become unable to move past it. Our personalities become beastly.

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I highly recommend this book if you like beauty and the beast retellings (or fairy tales in general) and if you are tired of romance heavy books, this one has much less of the falling in love bit and more of, lets break this curse to save my family bit. I’d totally read this book again.

Happy Reading!


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