Book Review: The Force Doth Awaken

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Rating: 4/5 stars

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away… 

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The collaboration of the century took place. Shakespearean language mixed together with the fast-paced drama of the Star Wars world creating a story written in a way we never would have thought of before.

The First Order is about to destroy the universe, Luke Skywalker is missing, a small BB unit is lost on Jakku and one scavenger named Rey is destined to help. Add in one angsty boy named Kylo Ren and we have the makings of a Shakespearean play!

So, I am a huge Shakespeare nerd (I took a class in college if that says anything) and I love how dramatic his plays are. Each character has motives for doing things and there are characters playing fools for us to laugh at; and if you think about it… that’s what most of our current movies are like, full of drama but without the whole “to be or not to be” speech.

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So as far as this book is concerned, I think it did a good job sticking to the original script/plot while adding the flair that only a play can do. This could easily be acted out in a group or enjoyed alone with some coffee. This book also does something that movies often can’t do-let us into the character’s heads. In this book I gained a little more understanding of Rey because the author included some inner dialogue to show her struggle with destiny. We also get a bit of Han’s thoughts as his son runs him through in true Shakespearean style.

I am truly excited to read more from this series. The Star Wars nerd in me can’t get enough. This movie series was a perfect fit, in my opinion, for a Shakespeare make up. I recommend this for the theater nerds and Star Wars fans.

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Onward to the next book!


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