Book Review: Love and War

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Rating: 3/5 stars

With the war finally over, Alex and Eliza can finally have their own home and be together all the time…Right? New York is booming but with little finances of their own Alex has to work overtime to get his law practice going. Meaning he doesn’t get to see his beautiful wife as often as he would like. And Eliza works double time hosting parties and pining for a time she and Alex can start a family.

After reading the first installment of this story a year ago, I was hooked. I am an absolute sucker for a good love story and with my added obsession to the musical Hamilton, these books were a must. Since I know the musical so well I know that Alex and Eliza’s story wasn’t always so happy. So in this book I expected a bit of heartache. But turns out, there really isn’t much here. The cover lead me to believe worse than actually took place.

I absolutely love Eliza! She is such a strong woman yet slightly more reserved than her other sisters. I admire her so much for her want to make a difference in a world where women aren’t even allowed to vote. Hats off to her.

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Alex on the other hand, while I love him dearly, has lots more to learn and figure out. Poor guy is getting in trouble with Eliza every two seconds (sometimes not his fault but still.) He is a powerful reminder to not let work get in the way of beautiful relationships. Alex in a nutshell:

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And Burr shows up here! In the play they mention that Alex and Burr were often at odds in the courtroom but couldn’t go into too much detail on that front. In this book we have one court case that pretty much sums them both up very well.

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So I am assuming there will be another installment of this story to come and I really hope we get some Hamilton hating on Jefferson because that was probably hilarious.

I recommend this book to the Hamilton fans out there (and even you history buffs) because I find it interesting to read about where we came from and the struggles to get here. These historical figures were people just like us and I like stories that humanize them.

Happy Reading!


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