Book Review: Love Her Wild

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Rating: 4.5/5 stars

In an attempt to read more poetry, I decided to pick this book up after hearing how good it was. And of course I have seen lots of the shorter poems on Pinterest. I was intrigued. I am so glad I picked it up because it met my expectations, and the visuals were powerful and added to the reading experience.

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The book is split into sections. The title of the book gives that to us immediately. We start with Love, then we go to Her, and end with Wild. All the poems in each section connected to each other. So I guess even though I didn’t really like the small sentence poems (cause honestly, that isn’t poetry to me personally. Those read as just thoughts, nothing expounded on.) The sentences connected at least.

The longer poems were some of my favorites. I really like how the author writes and how simply complicated his longer works are.

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When I read poetry, I look to see if it did one or two things for me. Did it make me feel? and/or did it make me think? This book did a little of both. For me “No Matter The Wreckage” will always be my absolute favorite but this came close.

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The use of images in this book was also incredible! The images and black pages added to the reading experience and (for me) helped break things up in pieces for me to digest.

Over all, I would highly recommend this book for poetry lovers and even those of you just getting into it. And I know the title sounds like this book is more geared to boys. But girls, this is for us too. This book can give us a guy’s perspective on women (that isn’t inappropriate or weird).

Happy reading!

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