When You Feel Like An Eponine

I feel like everyone has that moment in their life where they just aren’t sure true love is real. (This happens to me more than I would like). I compare the feeling to how Eponine felt in Les Mis. Sadly, she didn’t get the guy and she was killed in the revolution. Sometimes, I feel she is a slightly underrated character. And sure, I know we all thought it, she could have told Marius how she felt but really though…. it doesn’t seem likely that he felt the same.

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I think most of you can relate to this scenario: you get on Facebook and every two seconds you see someone else getting engaged, married, or into a relationship. And if you are anything like me, you begin to walk around singing along to “On My Own” (Bonus points if it’s raining outside.)

Occasionally, this is a bit cathartic.

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Eponine didn’t lament about it for very long. She helped Marius get the girl, joined the revolution, saved Marius’s life… Eponine made a difference. Now, I’m not saying we should join a revolution or anything, but what I am saying is there is hope. There is always hope even if we don’t feel it. I honestly think if Eponine hadn’t died, there would have been someone for her who would love her (cause honestly, she’s a gem).

Go do what you love doing, live your life to the fullest, excel in your career. Someone will come along who can keep up with you πŸ™‚

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So go ahead and jam to “On My Own” but then I recommend “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. Maybe one day you can sing along to “A Heart Full of Love”

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  1. Eponine is one of my favorite characters from Les Mis. Marius was the only good thing in her life and the kindness he shows to her is why she loves him. I love how she responds to her unrequited love. Despite being a Thenardier, she is much more loyal to Marius.

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