Shakespeare & Co. Book Haul


So as you guys know, I visited Shakespeare and Co. in New York! And like the book worm that I am, I walked out of the store with some books. I have been on a poetry kick and also I am slowly collecting Shakespeare’s works.

2017-12-24 (3)

Now, I already own a copy of Paradise Lost because I took a class on it. But When I saw this cover I knew I wanted it because if I want to re-read it, I don’t really want to haul a freaking text book around. So since I have already read this, I can recommend it. It is very dense and difficult to read but so worth it. Taking a class on it also helped because then as a class we could discuss our thoughts and I could understand it more. Good stuff over all.

2017-12-24 (2)

To continue my Shakespeare collection, I picked up The Tempest. Mainly because over the summer I got to see the play in person! So now I can read it and understand the plot better. Plus, it is a really funny play; I am excited to dive in eventually.

2017-12-24 (1)

This is something that I didn’t know existed. I have never heard of this (play? collection of poems?) Plus, I am a hopeless romantic so the title was intriguing in itself. I will probably read this one before reading The Tempest, I am super interested.

Which of these books should I read first? Are any of these your favorites? I would recommend these for the Shakespeare lover in your life.

Happy Reading!


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