King Peter The Magnificent: Narnia Rant

As the oldest of the Pevensie kids, Peter has lots on his shoulders. Most important being keeping his siblings safe. I can relate to Peter as an older sibling myself. However, I also didn’t like his character very much. Which is very interesting considering that is a bit how I act sometimes. What irked me in the movies (especially the first one) was how Peter treated Edmund. Peter would push Edmund to the limit and (i think) purposefully provoke him.

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But as I read the books and began understanding Peter a bit more, my dislike for him began to fade a bit. He really doesn’t show up much in the Narnia series mainly because after the second journey (in Prince Caspian) Susan and Peter are too old to come back… sadness. But I think Peter took those lessons he learned in Narnia with him for the rest of his life. As we see in The Last Battle, Peter is still hanging out with the rest of the gang and still remembers Narnia.

Peter was understandably one of the more serious characters. As the oldest sibling and the High King Peter had tons of responsibility. Plus, it was all thrown at him from a relatively young age (my guess is 13). So I have nothing but respect for Peter.

One thing that made me glad about reading Prince Caspian is the lack of the raid scene. If you saw the movie, Peter takes the Narnians to the Telamarine castle to take over and win. But due to poor decision making, the raid failed and lots of Narnians died. It was a heartbreaking scene for me and after reading the book…I discovered that it is not Cannon!!! So now I can just ignore it and chalk it up to the movie-makers trying to add unnecessary drama.

Peter lands 3rd on my list of favorite Pevensie siblings. (So I think you can guess who’s coming next).

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  1. Peter has always been my favorite of the siblings, but I get where you’re coming from with Peter pushing Edmund too far at times. I always got that sense that he was a child trying to be serious, which I saw as endearing. It’s one of the things the film did well. They put a kid on screen to fight wolves with a sword (In the first film). His lack of confidence in the moment really fit what I envisioned when I read the book.

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