Queen Lucy the Valiant: Narnia Rant

(First of all, so sorry for not posting on here very often. I just haven’t had the motivation to write, also; Netflix is a big distracter.)

I’ve decided to continue on with my “Narnia Rant” series, and since I have finally finished reading “The Chronicles of Narnia” I can continue having all the details. As per the title of this post, I will be talking about Lucy. Lucy Pevensie is my second favorite character in the Narnia series (after Edmund).

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Lucy is the one who found Narnia in “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe” and she is the firmest believer out of all her siblings. I really enjoyed reading about her innocent belief. I think her character is the one C.S. Lewis wanted us readers to emulate.

But, characters do not come without faults. The main reason Lucy is not my first favorite character is because of what she does in “The Voyage of The Dawn Treader”. And this annoyed me when I saw the movie as well. Lucy is suddenly very conscious of her looks. (something that was never alluded to) She wants to look like her sister Susan and she almost used a spell to make it so. (Which would have gotten rid of Lucy, therefore no Narnia) And that really annoyed me. That just didn’t seem like something Lucy would do. She is not vain.

One thing that surprised me in the books (since I’ve seen the movies first) was Lucy’s willingness to fight. I feel like the movies portrayed her as someone who always got left behind while the rest fought and there really was nothing left for her to do. She was more like a guide, keeping everyone else focused on Aslan. But in reading about her, I found that she craved adventure, loved sailing, and was very able to defend herself. This is something that I don’t dislike. Just a shift in thinking for me. I think that makes me like her more.

I loved seeing her again in the last book “The Last Battle”. She never changed, still loving Narnia and Aslan. I’m just really sad that they all died. Cause I was super happy that they all were in Aslan’s new country but then he’s all like. Guys, you died. I was like What!! So now poor Susan is left on her own! (I’ll explain more when I talk about her).

Lucy was definitely named correctly: Valiant. And I think she is secretly Edmund’s favorite sibling. And the sweetest soul.

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Who should I talk about next? Let me know what you think about these characters. And if you want to hear my thoughts on Edmund, you can read them here.


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  1. I found your blog today! Our blogs are similar, including our about pages (haha, I love words too!).
    Lucy has always been one of my favorite Narnia characters (she is actually my favorite). Good thoughts to think about!

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