Summer Book Recommendations 2017


It’s officially summer! So bring on the pool parties, road trips, and hammocking in the shade (with a book of course). So, here are my summer recommendations to get you started.

It’s interesting that when I think of summer, I think contemporary books (or the like). Maybe because during the summer we like to read about people we can really relate to or have similar experiences. So it will be no surprise that most of my recommendations will be mostly contemporary.

Image result for the fault in our stars book

This story has a bit of travel, romance, and hard-hitting bits on dealing with terminal illness. Perfect for indulging your wanderlust.

Image result for the great gatsby book

Submerge into the roaring 20’s and attend party after party with Nick and you will either love or hate Daisy. Scandal is afoot and no one seems to care. Poor Gatsby is really just being used for his house parties. This is also a very short read. Perfect for a summer afternoon.

Image result for go set a watchman

This takes place during one of the summers that “Scout” Finch returns home. She is an adult in her 20’s and expects home to be like it was when she was a child. But home is never how our childlike minds see it and certain events irritate Scout so much so that she yells at her aging father, Atticus. If you are looking for a book to make you think a little, I recommend this one.

Image result for miracle at the higher grounds cafe

A contemporary story about a mother and her cafe. Recent problems have caused her and her husband to separate and it takes a miracle from God to repair her relationship and her dying cafe. Another short read, this story stays interesting throughout and the quirky characters are lovable. An inspirational read and perfect for summer.

Image result for me before you book cover

This book is fun because Will can be a sarcastic little butt and Louisa is trying to please him but is not above calling him out. This is a story about a man who is quadriplegic and Louisa is being payed to take care of him. They fall for each other (except she has a boyfriend.) A really heart-wrenching story and good for summer.

I hope you pick up at least one of these for the summer (they are all really good). Let me know if you read any of these and what you thought. ๐Ÿ™‚


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