King Edmund The Just: Narnia Rant

I haven’t finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia yet. (I just started Prince Caspian) But I would like to take some time to talk about Edmund as a character. I have seen him in the first three books and the Narnia films. I can pretty easily say that Edmund is my favorite character along with Lucy (although after watching the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I like her a little less).

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I think Edmund is my favorite character because he is more relatable to the everyday person; he makes mistakes. Yes, I know, the rest of the siblings make mistakes too no one is perfect, but Edmund’s sticks out to us and each of us know in our hearts some awful thing that we have done. But he was forgiven. Aslan forgave him and even gave up his life so that Edmund could live. So what does Edmund do with this gift? He could have thrown it away and kept doing what he wanted. He could have moved on with his life and think no more of it. But as shown through the movies and in The Horse and His Boy; Edmund understood what that gift meant and used his knowledge and power to make up for what he did.

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He’s also my favorite because oh my goodness he is so funny! Peter is always pretty uptight (as is the stereotype of oldest siblings) but Edmund finds humor in things.

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But anyway, that experience Edmund had is the reason why Aslan called him King Edmund, The Just. I like to think that while they were all Kings and Queens, Peter would defer traitors to Edmund because he understands them a bit more. This is clearly evidenced in The Horse and His Boy, when everyone is trying to decide what to do with Rabadash and Edmund says, even a traitor may mend, I know of one who did.

One thing I think readers like is when a character grows and learns from their mistakes; especially when you can really see the evidence of it in their everyday life. We like to root for the underdog in hopes he/she will become better. The temptation never leaves, but we know how to handle it and I think Aslan’s sacrifice helped Edmund overcome his temptation in Prince Caspian.

So those are just some of my thoughts on Edmund after what I have read so far. I guess it’s kind of a character profile/fangirl ramble. But if you like this kind of post, I could do one for each of the siblings.  But only if you guys want me to. Let me know by liking this post and/or commenting which sibling I should talk about next.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Ahh I couldn’t agree more. Edmund definitely grows on you despite his initial selfishness. I totally love seeing flawed characters because we are all flawed and perfection cannot is not something so easily attained! The Horse and His Boy is my favourite next to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! Can’t wait to see who you talk about next, perhaps Lucy or Peter (the stuck up older sibling 😉 )

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