May TBR + Update

Hi guys! Ok, so first the update.

The hard part of final exams is over! *victory dance* The rest of this week will be easy compared to today. So that means … I’m back to reading on a regular basis, therefore will be posting more often. Yay! Time for all those summer reads and big books I didn’t have time for before. Ok, now on to my May TBR.

Image result for milk and honey

First I will read “Milk and Honey” by rupi kaur. I have been wanting to read more poetry and I have heard some very good things about this book from BookTube. So this will be first on my list.


Second, “The Noble Servant” by Melanie Dickerson is coming out in 9 days!!!! So I will be reading this one as soon as I get it in the mail (I have it on pre-order). I’m not %100 sure which of her series this one belongs to. I want to say her Hagenheim series but don’t quote me on it. (I happen to know she is working on an Aladdin retelling right now. So exciting.)


After that, I think I will read “Jane Eyre” Either that or I will start on “The Chronicles of Narnia” we’ll see. Which one should I go with?

Again, I’m super excited to be back to reading for fun again! What books are you reading this month?


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