Book Review: Geekerella

I first heard about this book on BookTube. Whoever I was watching gave us a premise of what the book was about: Geeky Cinderella. I was sold on the idea. However, I entered with some trepidation because there are SO MANY Cinderella retellings out there. But I haven’t read one like this. I was pleasantly surprised.

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Rating: 3.5/5

Ella’s mom died when she was young and her father a few years later. Now living with her stepmother and stepsisters, Ella stays in the background and blogs about her favorite TV show Starfield. Ella has been scraping money together from her job at the Magic Pumpkin to go to Excelsi Con. The Con her father started. Also so she can chew out the actor they chose to play the lead: Darian Freeman. Turns out, Darian is a Starfield geek as well. But how will Ella manage to fix her father’s costume to enter the cosplay contest?

Ok, so as a fangirl myself I loved this story. I loved rooting for Ella and silently trying to encourage her to stand up for herself. What I found interesting was that there were no chapter numbers. Each chapter was either titled Ella or Darian (this signified a change in perspective) and I think I like that technique for this book. It made things less confusing and easier to follow. I almost feel like the stepmother could ALMOST be justified for her actions (almost, not quite). She claims to be trying to bring Ella into reality and forget the fantasy geeky world. But as most of us readers know; sometimes the fantasy world helps us cope with our real world.

I appreciated how Darian was going through similar struggles. Both of them were trying to figure out how they fit in this universe. That’s why they connected so well. I also found it very funny how he would say stuff like “Scotty can beam me up anytime now” and how he kept referencing that his abs were insured (which they were lol).

And with every Cinderella story I see or hear, I am always proud when the girl says

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And in this case, Darian gets a moment like this too! Yay for both of them *fist pumps air*

Now, there was one thing that kept my rating from reaching 4 stars. And I don’t know if this was only in my copy of the book but I found several places where there were grammar errors. The sentence wouldn’t make sense and after reading it out loud I’m like, yeah typo. That would result in pulling me out of the story to fix the sentence in my head (not a good thing authors!) And while the language was kept to a minimum, I still don’t like reading it.

I would recommend this book to the fangirl/fanboy in all of us. This teaches us to Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.


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