Update: My blog has an Instagram!

It took a while, but I now have a fully functional Instagram where I can post pictures of my books and get in with all the #shelfies. You should be able to see it in the sidebar of my page.

What I will be doing there is smaller things that may not get onto the blog itself. Like, I can do a version of a book haul where you can see the books I just bought. I may put a book quote on there and in general try to get my books to look as photogenic as possible.

You can find me at Myliterarymusings (just like my blog name, whataya know)

I haven’t been posting book reviews lately, but that is because I have been so incredibly busy. I am getting “Alex and Eliza” in the mail soon, so that should be my next goal. I’ll put it on Instagram when I get it.

For now, keep reading and I’ll see ya soon.


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