Book Review: Richard II

I have actually been a fan of Shakespeare since I was in the third grade. But I really didn’t understand most of what I read. So now I am taking a Shakespeare class in college and I am loving it.

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King Richard II opens with two people accusing each other of treason/lying. They agree to have a duel, but on the day of the duel the King banishes them both. He banishes Bolingbroke (the heir to the throne) for six years; and Mowbray (a noble) for life.

After Bolingbroke is sent away king Richard takes his land and money to fund his Irish war. Bolingbroke then takes away almost all of Richard’s support and returns early to claim his lands. Richard is heart-broken and gives Bolingbroke the crown as well.

I found that this play was very thought-provoking. It definitely got me thinking about what a good King/Leader should be like and not like. A King is not a landlord, his job is to take care of his people. Something Richard II didn’t do. He also didn’t take the advice from the right people; otherwise, Richard II might have lived longer.

I highly recommend this play to high school and college age people. It might be easier to understand and you might have some really good thoughts on it.


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