Book Review: Pride and Prejudice Marvel Comic

First of all, Pride and Prejudice is one of my absolute favorite novels of all. So as I perused Goodreads, I came across this beauty.

Rating: 5/5

Now, normally I am not a huge fan of comic books. But that is probably because the only ones I know of are super hero related or just more geared to guys. So I quickly ordered this comic from Amazon, if nothing more than to add to my good looking collection.

When the book arrived I got right into reading it and instantly loved it! The author did an amazing job at keeping most of the original language and also making them fit into thought bubbles. The graphics are nicely drawn and add to the reading experience. This is a nice way for me to read my favorite story without reading the whole novel if I feel like a quick read.

I give this comic two thumbs up!

Like I said, this is my first experience with a comic book and I really enjoyed it. I recommend this to someone who is trying to get into the classics, this is a great way to start because it is easy to understand. And since this is my favorite Jane Austen novel I highly recommend the story itself.


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