Book Review: The Great Gatsby

For several years I have wanted to read The Great Gatsby. Mostly because it is a well known classic and I was curious. I have finally finished it and a guess i’m a bit stunned.

So the story is about Jay Gatsby told from the point of view of Nick Carraway. He moves to a house next door to Gatsby and notices this guy throws a lot of parties and attends about two himself.

Nick’s cousin is Daisy-who we find out later was in love with Gatsby once upon a time- and is married to Tom. Most of the book is about Gatsby trying to see Daisy and spend time with her and show off to her while Nick is busy with Jordan Baker.

And then, all breaks loose! Suddenly three people are dead: Gatsby, Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Wilson. And no one shows up to Gatsby’s funeral which makes Nick angry.

So, I tried to figure out why people like this book so much. I’ve gathered that this is a story of the roaring 20’s and the kind of life they live. But Nick, Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby don’t really fit in with that kind of life. They are always a bit mysterious to the rest of the city.

Gatsby being the most mysterious as no one ever really knows about his past but Nick. There is a constant longing to repeat the past. And I think we learn from this book that the past can never be repeated or fixed. Gatsby failed to learn to let go and move forward. He only lived for one person (Daisy).

To me, the fact that no one came to Gatsby’s funeral showed how impersonal he was. And it teaches me to cultivate the relationships I have and to not let the past control my future.


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