Book Review: A Viscount’s Proposal

I left this book feeling satisfied. Everything that I wanted to happen, happened. This is Melanie Dickerson’s second book in her Regency Spies of London series. Leorah Langdon (whom we met in A Spies Devotion) returns and still has her spunk. She has no patience for society’s ridiculous rules and shallow hypocrisy. Edward Withinghall is a politician who is repelled by scandal. And when the two of them clash, their personalities do not seem to match. But when scandal envelopes them both, they are consistently thrown together. This story proved that in regency England, appearances can be deceiving.

a-viscounts-proposal   Rating: 5 stars

I really enjoyed the Pride and Prejudice themes woven into this book. If the reader is a fan of P&P, this is the book for them. I instantly caught on to the hate-at-first-sight theme and I loved how Leorah encouraged Edward to read Sense and Sensibility. By chapter 12 she introduces a character called Mr. Tilney (whom we can recall from Northanger Abbey) Although this character is nothing like the famous protagonist. This guy is really stuck up and mean.

I really liked the opening line of the book, I thought that it captured Leorah’s personality perfectly. “Was this the night she would actually die of tedium, triviality, and hypocrisy?” It captured my attention and was interesting enough to propel me forward.

I love how by chapter 4 Edward was so confident in his plans and who he wanted to marry but i’m like nah, we still got over 200 pages left dude. It was way too soon for that plan to go well.

overall I was not terribly frustrated with any of the characters as I sometimes am. Sure we are peeved that Leorah still doesn’t know that she is in love but once she does figure it out it is the most beautiful thing. I found it interesting that the book focused on the scandal theme. Everything that each character did reflected on that belief of keeping within society’s boundaries. (Or at least not being obvious about breaking them).

I really enjoyed reading this book and I already can’t wait until the next one (when we get to dive into Felicity Mayson’s life) If you loved Pride and Prejudice, definitely read this book. If you have already read this book? What did you think?? I would love to know.


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