February TBR

First of all, happy February! Hopefully this month I will read more than I did in January (I read nothing). So here is my TBR list of books I plan to read in February.

  • First and foremost, I am going to read “A Viscount’s Proposal” by Melanie Dickerson. This book comes out this month (and I am so excited!) I currently have this book on pre-order from Barns & Noble. If I could get her books earlier I would. So as soon as I have it read, I will post my review of it. This story follows Leora, the sister we met in the previous book: “A Spy’s Devotion”.


  • Second, I am in the process of reading “Paradise Lost” by John Milton. This is for a Literature class I am taking, so I won’t be done this month. “Paradise Lost” is a poetic epic. If reading Shakespeare was hard, this is harder to read. I am always taking notes on things I notice as I read. I could make a post about this epic when I’m done. It would be a bit different from a book review though. Comment if you want a post about it.

Yeah, I’m in school so my reading life is severely cut (most of the reviews that I have been posting recently are on books that I read last year so I can continually have content).

Have a good week and a happy February!


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