Book Review: The Crown

First of all, can I just say that this is my favorite cover in the whole series? I think it is just beautiful!

In this book, the Selection (and the series) must come to a close. With Eadlyn’s dad occupied with America’s health, it is up to Eadlyn to run the country in the meantime. As she struggles to keep the country together and date her suitors at the same time, the stress is overwhelming. And the one person she wants to help her is happily married in France. But, when things become dangerous and someone is vying for the crown, Eadlyn must prematurely make a marriage proposal to keep that from happening.

So, Marid is a jerk. I really thought he was going to be a big help but all he wants is power. And that makes me wonder what his parents are thinking. Did they put him up to this? I mean, they told Maxon 20 years ago they didn’t want the throne but…

Josie turned out to be useful finally! And Kile finally gets to do what he really wants to do with his life. When faced with a decision Kile seemed like the best choice (and he would have stayed with her too) but they are definitely good friends.

Warning, spoilers in this paragraph!

So Eric! I suppose I saw that one coming but she fell in love with the translator! He’s not even really in the Selection. But after a while he grew on me and I can tell they adore each other so I am satisfied.

And can we talk about Hale and Ean come in out like that! Turns out they like each other?! And Henri is seriously the best person ever! He saw that his friend loved Eadlyn and let him be together. I was squealing for joy. Eadlyn turned out to be a good leader and a better person. I can relate with her a bit so that is probably one reason I like her.

Oh and Aspen!!! I hated him in the first three books but after his attentions turned to Lucy he became so amazing! He guards the family with his life and I loved how he stood up to her when an advisor called Eadlyn a commodity.

Over all, this was a satisfying end to a good series. America and Maxon didn’t die (thank goodness) and all is headed in the right direction.

Quote: “Happily ever after could be waiting in a field a mile wide. Or a window as narrow as seven minutes.”


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