Book Review: The Heir

America and Maxon have kids! four to be exact, and Miss Eadlyn is the oldest by seconds. She is going to inherit the throne to Ilea. Since Maxon took the throne, he has thrown out the caste system we saw in the original trilogy; but the people have been uprising. So, to distract the public long enough to find a solution, there is to be another Selection starring Princess Eadlyn.

Star Rating: 3 stars

Eadlyn hates the Selection idea, she hates the idea of getting married and would rather rule on her own. #strongindependentwoman. However, as the Selection goes on, she discovers that maybe finding a husband wouldn’t be a bad thing after all.

After I read the Selection series I was hoping to dear goodness that America’s daughter would not be like her. I was not ready to see the same bullheadedness on repeat. Luckily that didn’t happen (she was still stubborn but it wasn’t as bad)

Eadlyn is the very definition of a “strong independent woman who don’t need no man.” I was also very happy to see other characters from The Selection; like Marlee, Aspen, Lucy, and May. Marlee has two kids of her own and  they annoy Eadlyn to no end. (When Marlee’s son Kile gets picked for the Selection, Eadlyn is less than excited).

But man, after they kiss it’s like oh, your not so bad after all. And they keep kissing! Like, how can she not love him. Kile is my favorite of the selected men #teamKile all the way. Ean seems very suspicious to me.

While some people don’t like Eadlyn very much, I actually can relate to her somewhat. She is very reserved and hesitant to give her heart away. I am the same way in that respect. I am just not as snobby or that mean (like she was at first).

I love seeing Maxon and America still so in love and I liked hearing the little stories of Maxon’s Selection.

Warning: the ending of this book had be drowning in tears. But maybe that’s just because i’m so empathetic. Just have a tissue ready.

Overall, I think this book took on more government issues than the others which was interesting. It wasn’t always about the romance. Oh, and can we just appreciate the cover design on this book? So pretty!

Just an FYI, all my star ratings are out of 5 stars. So this one is 3 out of 5 stars for example.


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