Book Review: Happily Ever After

This book was everything I wanted that was missing from The Selection series! While the selection was written through America’s eyes, this book took scenes from other character’s point of view. We even got to see Marlee and Carter’s caning from three different perspectives. First through America’s point of view, then Aspen’s and Marlee herself. I even fell in love with Carter in the process.

First, we get to see Queen Amberly’s selection. Which I found very enlightening. It astonishes me that Amberly could love Clarkson even after she saw his horrible temper. She was determined to be his calm. But in the long run, I think Amberly was the best for him. We also get an explanation as to why she gets sick all the time. But Amberly always talked about how chummy the girls were in her selection; but here they don’t seem very nice. And when one of the girls told her that “You would take a bullet for Clarkson.” I nearly wept because we know that in the end, she did.

I have mixed feelings about Aspen. I love Aspen but then I hate him as well. By himself he is perfectly fine. It’s just when he tries to get America back that I hated him. Early on, I wouldn’t have minded if he had died. So I am glad he got Lucy in the end. She is the one who really needed him, and Aspen is so incredibly kind.

I also enjoyed reading the little scenes. I got to see Celeste and how she thought about the Selection, and even what she was thinking while kissing Maxon. I was a bit sad when Maxon told her she would do great things; because we know that she dies not a day later. I was glad to see where the rest of the Elite were after the Selection was over. I didn’t really like Kriss near the end there, so I was happy in her depression (just a little). However, she ended up living a fine life and I was glad for her.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. One other thing I liked was the drawings throughout the book. Like concept art. I recommend it to anyone who just finished The Selection series. It was truly everything I wanted to see in the Selection but would have taken too long to add in and/or didn’t fit. Well done.


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