Book Review: The One


That is the only word that I can use to describe how I felt at the end of this book. The last quarter of this book is so compelling I read all of it in an hour. I imagined in my head and rationalized how things should play out and none of my imaginings prepared me for the drama that would take place. America is still annoying but this time, Maxon hops on the annoying train briefly. This is one book that caused my eyes to water. If I had let myself, I probably could have cried. Near the end I ended up screaming a little. Something I rarely do.

To recap, the Elite are whittled down to four girls and most of the beginning is the typical palace-life plot. And America and Maxon’s drama is in the middle of it. Celeste makes a surprising turn around, and the King hates America more than ever. She must learn to fight for what she wants. (Although she should know that by now?) After a tragic event, America goes home for a bit and when she returns all peace breaks loose, lives are lost and futures are uncertain.

So since I am done with the main part of the series I will talk about my feelings overall. The first book was really good; but I feel like the series was dragged out for too long. The subplot about the castes and the rebels could have been expanded on instead. I was sick and tired of Maxon and America’s fights and disagreements. It got on my nerves. Now that I have read the series once, I probably won’t read it again. I let my local store have them. The series is worth reading once over at least.

Quote: “This isn’t happily ever after. It’s so much more than that.”

Now, only those who have read the book read this bit: So I was initially happy that the King died; but there was no kind of closure between him and Maxon. They were just gone. I wouldn’t have killed him right away. Or maybe had a scene…. I don’t know. And for the entire series I wanted Celeste to die and right when I like her…Boom. Dead. I am happy Aspen found his person to take care of. Lucy really fits well with him. 🙂


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