Book Review: The Elite

Never has a book managed to frustrate me like this one did. “The Elite” is the second book in Kierra Cass’s Selection series. The first one was pretty good. This one, not so much. My main beef with this book is America Singer herself. Her indecisiveness irritated me to no end! She is so blind to what she has! Maxon is trying to give her everything and she throws it all away. I do love America’s maids, they are so sweet.

the-elite-2To recap: America is relatively sure of her feelings for Maxon until Marlee does something causing her to be thrown out and beaten. America takes her anger out on Maxon and Maxon must make friends with the other girls since America does not want him anymore. And the same pattern goes on for the rest of the book. She loves him, she loves him not, and so on. Finally, out of anger America decides to go out with a bang and angers the King. More rebel attacks happen and for some reason America will not be kicked out like she had originally planned. Now she is finally willing to fight for what she wants. Whatever that is.

I feel so bad for Maxon, he keeps trying to love her and she keeps pushing away. I felt frustrated while reading this book and wished it ended sooner. Honestly, this series could have been shortened a bit. The Selection and The Elite could have been combined into one.


“Love is beautiful fear.”


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