Book Review: Letters From Pemberley

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am more than a little into “Pride and Prejudice”. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s love story never gets old. But, I am wary of books like “50 Shades of Mr. Darcy” or “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”. I don’t want the story ruined for me. I like it as it is. But this one caught my eye because of the projected authenticity.

letters-from-pemberlyThis book takes place a couple of weeks after Lizzie and Darcy get married. And the book is written in letter format. Lizzie writes letters to Jane about life at Pemberley. Jane Dawkins keeps Lizzie’s wit and humor and never strays from what happened in the novel. While the happenings in the book are purely imagined, I can see them actually happening if Jane Austen had continued the story.

This was a quick read (only 201 pages!) and doesn’t cause any undue stress. If you are looking for a book that is easy on the brain, this is one. And for those of you who enjoy Mrs. Bennet’s craziness…Lizzie talks about her. Mrs. Bennet is not done bragging to the neighborhood of her daughter’s advantageous marriages.

I recommend this book for all the Jane Austen fans out there. Even the conservative ones who strictly read the novels. This is a good one.

School is starting back up in a few days so my reading will be diminished (although I do have book reviews of books I read prior to making this blog stocked up). I am taking a class on John Milton, so I may make some posts on what I read on him. And Melanie Dickerson is still cranking out more books so I will be making time for those!


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