January TBR: New Year, New Reading Goals

Wow, 2017 has arrived in all its glory. This means, for all us readers on Goodreads, new reading goals! This year, considering how busy I will be, I decided to try to hit the goal of 30 books read this year. Last year I managed to read 40 books in total (A personal record for me). But that was mainly because I did all my reading over the summer.

I like looking back at all the books I read over the year. This past year I read some books I never thought I would read. I read The Selection series, Let it Snow, and discovered Melanie Dickerson’s series. I am very proud of how I grew in my literary life.

So, what is in store for 2017? Or at least for the month of January? I plan on reading at least one book before school starts up again because once that happens…It’s all over.

letters-from-pemberlyI decided to start out the year with “Letters From Pemberley” by Jane Dawkins. “Pride and Prejudice” is one of my all-time favorite novels so January will be filled with those beloved characters. 🙂 It is also a short book, so I should be able to finish it soon. (fingers crossed).


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