Book Review: The Selection

Usually, I’m not really into reading the YA (young adult) genre. The only YA book I ever read was “The Giver”. But last summer I decided to give “The Selection” a go. What intrigued me was the princess competition aspect and a prince choosing a bride, kind of like on the bachelor.


Every time a prince comes of age, there is a selection of some of the girls that live in Ilea. America Singer wants no part in it mainly because she has an awesome boyfriend and hates the nature of the game itself. But when her boyfriend pleads with her to enter, she concedes. Only for her boyfriend to break up with her. (Such a jerk)

The Selection is now a way for America to cope with her loss and she becomes friends with Prince Maxon. (The ear-tugging is so cute!) But just as she finds a comfortable routine, things change.

America Singer is definitely a girl with a mind of her own and I can totally see her singing “I Wont Say I’m In Love” from Hercules as she gets to know Prince Maxon. She is obviously in love with him but her stupid ex-boyfriend still invades her mind. I get that they dated for about two years but come on!

For the most part I like America’s character but she is also very whiny sometimes and I wish I could scream at her for her poor choices.

I think I would recommend this series. It will certainly keep you on your toes.


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