Frozen: A Poem

Not only do I read and review books, but I write some of my own stuff too. Mostly poetry since its shorter and easier than plotting a whole novel. So sometimes I will post a poem that I wrote that I particularly like. And with it being the Christmas season and all, I thought this poem fit the time.



The snow swirls around her as she lifts her arms into the air. The blanket of snow beneath her feet glistens in the sun. She twirls and her arms seem to move the flakes in shining patterns.

Patterns, frozen in the air.

She begins to run and the snow gets kicked up into the sky, falling and landing,

frozen, in her hair like a silver crown.

She stops. Her laughter rings like bells and the flakes settle. She turns around and slowly walks into her house. The only evidence are her footsteps on the ground… Until the wind blows them away.

But her laughter remains, frozen, in the air.


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