Book Review: The Golden Braid

Melanie Dickerson raptures readers with her sixth book in the Hagenheim series: The Golden Braid. As the title implies, this book is a retelling of Rapunzel. This time, the book focuses on one of Duke Wilhelm’s knights and a girl from out-of-town.

the-golden-braid(First of all, can we just admire this cover!? I mean wow. At this point in the series, Melanie Dickerson switched from Zondervan publishing to Thomas Nelson.)

Rapunzel can throw knives, paint walls, and sing beautifully. But the one thing she wants to learn is how to read. And she is afraid her mother will never let her learn. Also, she has been taught that no man can ever be trusted. Her whole life, Rapunzel and her mother have moved from town to town; and now they are moving to the city of Hagenheim.

Sir Gerek saw a young maiden and an older lady being harassed on the road; so he gallantly jumps in to save them. But he doesn’t get the thanks he thought he deserved. Both women are very suspicious of him and reluctantly let him come along when he gets injured. instead of leaving him at Hagenheim, Rapunzel comes back to find him so he can teach her how to read.

As Rapunzel acclimates herself to her new life, new mysteries are uncovered that will change her life forever. And does Gerek’s arrogance change into someting different?

So, this book blatantly calls the girl Rapunzel. Which actually really works here since mother Gothel claims to have found Rapunzel in a cabbage patch (the german word for cabbage is Rapunzel or some variation). I loved the fact that Rapunzel could throw knives! She seemed much more awesome. Gerek is kind of a jerk to her and I really didn’t appreciate it. And without spoiling the plot too much, Rapunzel definetly has a connection to Rose and Wilhelm somehow. I really didn’t expect that.

And what Rapunzel story is complete without a tower scene. The tower bit ended up being a favorite of mine. You could really tell that Gerek cared for Rapunzel. He spent so much time trying to find her.

Melanie made Gothel’s backstory really interesting too. It’s not just plain spite, she really has reasons and motives for her actions and while it is still cruel, you get a good sense of her story.

I give this book two thumbs up! I highly recommend this book for fans of “Tangled”. And as always, I love how Melanie incorporates little lessons in prayer or forgiveness and having a relationship with God in her stories. It isn’t too over-the-top.

I am about to start reading the new book The Silent Songbird this week so stick around for that review! And I encourage you to follow my blog as well. 🙂


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