Book Review: Winter

Rating: 3/5 Stars Princess Winter of Luna is pegged as crazy. She is also the most beautiful on the planet, although no one will tell Queen Levana that. As Cinder works her way up to Luna to stage her revolution, Levana is planning to marry Emperor Kaito in order to take over Earth. Cress, Cinder,... Continue Reading →


I’m Moving My Blog?

Hello readers! I recently attended a conference in Maryland called the Society of Adventist Communicators. And while I listened to all the presenters I began to question the focus of my blog and my mission and where I was putting my content and what kind of content I make etc. I already have a site... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Cress

Rating: 5/5 Stars Even in the future, there are still damsels in distress. Cress has only known the satellite meant to be her home. Her life has always been doing what Mistress has told her to do. But... Cress has been in contact with the Rampion... and her way out. Little did she know Cress... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Scarlet

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars Scarlet is mad. The police are no help finding her missing grandmother. People are beginning to talk... why would she just up and leave? Until someone named Wolf comes into her little sphere and changes things. Now she knows where to find her grandmother! But that information comes with its own peril.... Continue Reading →

My Fall TBR

Even though it doesn't feel like it quite yet... Fall is pretty much here! While I wait for the leaves to change and feel the cool air on my face, I thought I would make my ambitious Fall TBR. I say ambitious because since I am in my final semester of school... I really don't... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Cinder

Rating: 4/5 Stars A deadly plague... a romance that never was supposed to happen... and a deadly moon queen. Cinder runs a small shop fixing androids and the like for pay, her cyborg abilities and droid Iko to assist. She is an outcast. After attempting to help in the search for an antidote for the... Continue Reading →

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